MBIE produces 2014 small business report and fact sheet

Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment

As part of the Business Growth Agenda, the Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment has prepared the New Zealand Sectors Reports Series.

The reports provide up-to-date factual information in an accessible format on all the industry sectors that make up the New Zealand economy. They pull together the most recent official economic data (at the time of publication of each report) and discuss the challenges and opportunities that face New Zealand’s industry sectors.

The Small Business Sector Report 2014

The first ever Small Business Sector Report takes an in-depth look at how New Zealand’s small businesses are performing. The report will help people understand better the nature of small businesses.

Small businesses, defined as enterprises with fewer than 20 employees, make up 97% of all enterprises in New Zealand and make a significant contribution to our economy and society.

[PDF: 8.8Mb, 108 pages]

Small Business Factsheet 2014

This factsheet is a good reference guide which complements the Small Business Sector Report.

It brings together previously released data from a range of Statistics New Zealand business surveys and summarises the results relating to small enterprises.

[PDF: 1.1Mb, 5 pages]